Wanna Be A King of Marketing?

If you truly are serious about becoming a king of marketing, you MUST follow everything the great Dan Kennedy does. He is mountains above all the so-called ‘marketing goo-roos’ touting their ‘stuff’ to you every day. Dan Kennedy Copyblogger thinks so highly of Dan Kennedy, that they have a 5 Part Series on him, titled,…

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Tips To Ramp Up Your Chances Of Success (Part 4 of 9)

How are you going with this success series? Are you starting to see more clarity in the direction you need to go? Once you start making changes in your life, you’ll start to see results. That’s the fun part… One of the very best things about the business you and I are in is this……

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Learn To Evaluate Your Dreams and Needs

Critical Lesson – Learn To Evaluate Your Dreams & Needs (Part 3 of 9)

Before we dive into today… ‘How did you go with my Les Brown videos? Did you feel he gave you some clarity? How many of the videos did you get through? I know some of them are long, But if you’re doing an hour in the gym or on your commute to work, that’s two…

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How To Get More of The Things You Want From Life

How To Get More of The Things You Want From Life (Part 2 of 9)

In part 2 of this 9 part series I want to start off with a few questions… Don’t brush over them without thinking carefully about each one, or you’ll get no benefit… Instead read only one, sit back, close your eyes and think of your answer from the bottom of your heart… Here goes, are…

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Who Else Wants To Discover These Secrets to Living A More Successful Life

Who Else Wants To Discover These Secrets to Living A More Successful Life? (Part 1 of 9)

It doesn’t matter how old you are… It doesn’t matter what you do to earn money… Don’t you agree everyone wants some form of success in their lives? The older I get the more I realise money really can alter the quality of your life. Don’t get me wrong I’m not obsessed with money. But…

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the dog eared book you must read

The Dog Eared Book You Must Read

I wonder to this day how my life would have been different if I didn’t find this dogged eared book in a second hand store one cold winters day, years ago. The day started off badly when I missed my flight for a much anticipated trip. Somehow I ended up in this run down charity…

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14 Days of Les Brown: Day 7 – Self Awareness

Welcome to Day 7 in this 14 Day Success Series.   Les starts this motivational video by reminding us to take an emotional inventory of our lives on a regular basis. This is very important, so please give me your maximum attention.  Have you thought about the people around you lately, the ones you spend…

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Les Brown: Day 6 – Make A Decision To Act

  This is day 6 of our 14 part series paying homage to master speaker, Les Brown. In this episode Les talks about the importance of making a conscious decision to act. This video has been created to respect Les Brown and to help introduce you to the power of his seminars. Hopefully you’ll be…

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Day 2: Les Brown – Harness The Power Within

Here is video two in my 14 Day Series introducing you to the power of motivational speaker Les Brown In this awesome video you will learn how to challenge yourself. Trying to avoid a little bit of pain is not necessarily a good thing. Les shows how making yourself grow is all about stretching yourself,…

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My Favourite Les Brown Quotes

Allow Les Brown To Motivate The Entrepreneur In You

I am so glad I found Les Brown. In my opinion Les is one of the best motivational speakers around. Les is probably one of the most respected speakers in his field. He has a genuine power for stimulating human potential. Les Brown’s uplifting messages have inspired millions of people around the world to make…

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