How Can Horror Improve Your Marketing?

Well, perhaps not ‘horror’ in the grandest sense of the word… But how can the King of Horror improve your marketing and copywriting messages, so you can ramp up your conversions, your sales, and your profits? I think most people regard Stephen King as a very successful writer in the horror genre… But would you…

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Wanna Be A King of Marketing?

If you truly are serious about becoming a king of marketing, you MUST follow everything the great Dan Kennedy does. He is mountains above all the so-called ‘marketing goo-roos’ touting their ‘stuff’ to you every day. Dan Kennedy Copyblogger thinks so highly of Dan Kennedy, that they have a 5 Part Series on him, titled,…

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the dog eared book you must read

The Dog Eared Book You Must Read

I wonder to this day how my life would have been different if I didn’t find this dogged eared book in a second hand store one cold winters day, years ago. The day started off badly when I missed my flight for a much anticipated trip. Somehow I ended up in this run down charity…

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The King is Dead – Muhammad Ali Tribute

  The King is Dead! One of the greatest boxers that ever lived, and some say the greatest can help us learn a lot about the things we want in life. And in our businesses. He might have been a heavyweight champion of boxing, and you might be thinking that has nothing to do with…

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