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What Makes an Internet Marketer Successful?

I’ve had the privilege of being trained by some of the world’s top marketers in my time. Did they cost a pretty penny? Of course they did, quality doesn’t come cheap you know. But it’s like anything in life. If you do the right research, and find out who truly is the ‘dog’s bollocks’, and…

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Are You Just “Winging Internet Marketing?”

Are you just winging it? Would you prefer a slightly more polite word, like ‘Improvising?’ (I don’t want to upset your little cotton socks, do I now? Are you relying on what Dan Kennedy calls ‘hope and pray marketing’? Or do you have a clear-cut strategy to grow your business? Oh, you do, do you?…

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“Do You Want A Newbie or A Master Training You?”

One of the biggest lessons in life which you usually learn AFTER your teenage years is that you DON’T know everything. And as an internet marketer one of the biggest lessons I have learned is that I need a coach. And I think it’s obvious (but not to everyone) but if you want to learn…

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The Magic Number 7 in Marketing

I came across this interesting blog post this morning, http://chrisbeebe.com/blog/whats-in-a-number/ which grabbed my attention because I’ve just bought a product the other day and in their training they discussed a ton of split testing. What’s in a Number – A Sure Fire Way To Increase Sales One of the tests was if the final number…

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GKIC Free Marketing Toolkit – Most Incredible Gift Offer

Claim your Free Marketing Toolkit Here: http://greg-noland.com/recommends/gkic Just pay for the shipping and handling Here what included: The GKIC University: Series of 3 DVDs. (Value of $387) The New Member Income Explosion Guide (Value of $29.97) The Swipe & Deploy (S&D) Money – Making Resource of the Month (Value is Priceless) FAST START Teleseminar with…

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Internet Marketing Acronyms and Abbreviations

When you are beginning your adventure into Internet Marketing it’ll be easy to get confused by all the acronyms and abbreviations that are used in the industry. Well the confusion will hopefully end here. Please feel free to use this list of acronyms and abbreviations which are all used in Internet Marketing. If you notice…

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Choosing Your Affiliate Products Wisely?

Are you choosing your affiliate marketing products wisely? Earning a passive income seems to be a hot topic on the internet over the last few years. There are obviously many things that you can to make a profit from home. You could go for stock trading or become an author. But this blog is all…

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4 No-Brainer Ideas To Get Your Creative Mind Stomping

I know I know blogging can be tough, purely for the fact you have no idea what to write about. Well, I have written this article to give you some help with your blogging. I have only suggested “4 No-Brainer Ideas To Get Your Creative Mind Stomping” but to be honest there are tons, and tons.…

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