OUTRAGEOUS Marketing is Live (but your gift’s going away!)

What would you pay to have 49 of the world’s most successful marketers train you personally? Well, I can’t offer you that, but I’ve got the next best thing. As I said earlier this week, Bill Glazer, one of the top Direct Response Marketers in the world is launching his new book, OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing…

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Bill Glazer’s New Book

This week, Bill Glazer—one of the smartest marketers in the world, and someone you definitely should pay attention to—is launching his new book. It’s called OUTRAGEOUS Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns That Are Outrageously Successful. I’ve never seen a book like it. Bill called in every favour he could and got 49 of the top marketers and…

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Bill Glazer is Back!

It’s been over two years. Too long in fact. But one of my favourite marketers is back!! Bill Glazer (yes, THAT Bill Glazer – the “Glazer” in Glazer-Kennedy) had a stroke in 2015, so he’s been a LITTLE quiet since then. But he’s back, and he’s back in style. Turns out, he’s been putting together…

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The Secret Campaign That Generated A 742% ROI..3/5

It’s an unspoken acceptance of mediocrity that many, perhaps, most businesses are happy that they barely break even with a measly 25%-50% return on their marketing dollars.   Jimmy Nicholas, Founder and CEO of Jimmy Marketing, a marketing agency who helps doctors in private practice predictably attract more ideal patients from the web, and routinely blows those…

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How Can Horror Improve Your Marketing?

Well, perhaps not ‘horror’ in the grandest sense of the word… But how can the King of Horror improve your marketing and copywriting messages, so you can ramp up your conversions, your sales, and your profits? I think most people regard Stephen King as a very successful writer in the horror genre… But would you…

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Affiliate Titan Goldmine Review

As an affiliate marketer you’ll well know it is hard to choose really strong affiliate marketing products to promote. There are obviously thousands of new products hitting the market all the time. It is really hard to keep up with the affiliate marketplace. It could easily be a full time job. But most affiliate marketers are…

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How to create info products from public domain works

If you’re looking to make an income online here’s a brief introduction on how to create profitable info products using public domain works. This video shows you how to find public domain material, how to format your project and get it ready for sale. If you’d like further info on how to build your online…

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Marketing Lesson #1: Selling What’s Hot (Part 2)

I’m sorry guys I really have two apologies… I really planned to get back to this post last night, after the gym, but you know what it’s like…so easy to get side-tracked (how not to get side-tracked, well…that’s for another post…) My second apology is because I really lost track of my tread on Part…

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Marketing Lesson #1: Selling What’s Hot (Part 1)

Everywhere you look… (if you know what you’re looking for) you see worthless marketing everywhere. I’m sure you get the same crappy emails I get and the same awful flyers through your door which just give a massive company logo, and contact information of the business. Offline, I see billboards that businesses use for ‘branding.’  Really, all I…

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Trump VS Cruz – Whose Wife Is Hotter?

I’ll leave it for you to decide The buffoonery in the US republican national race is both crazy but oh so entertaining. I think we all know whose wife is hotter. At least I do. But regardless of beauty, the end results is going to come down to the candidate who can communicate best with…

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