Master Copywriter’s No.1 Secret for DOUBLING Your Sales…

Not long ago I had a VERY eye opening conversation with an A-list health copywriter. He revealed his no.1 secrete for DOUBLING his students’ copywriting speed. I know you’d love to DOUBLE your income. But… Wouldn’t you love to double your copywriting speed? I simply HAD to know this secret. So I forced him to…

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Story Engineering and the Six Core Competencies

Oh, Andre Chaperon what have you done? After buying Andre’s course Autoresponder Madness he inadvertently introduced me to The Hero’s Two Journeys by Michael Hauge, which has led me to learning more about storytelling and screenwriting. As a consequence of this journey I recently bought Story Engineering by Larry Brooks and would like to share…

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The Golden Rule of Copywriting

If there’s one gripe I have about internet marketers is they say they are NOT copywriters. I find that very hard to believe when practically everything we do as entrepreneurs is based around copywriting. Ok, I get it that they might not be in the league of Halbert, Kennedy or Garfinkel. But they should at…

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Need Help Creating Mega Sales Letters?

I personally think one of the best reasons to be a skilled copywriter is that every business needs you. I guess people get into the copywriting business for various reasons. But for me, I first started studying to be a copywriter when I was the COO of a surfboard company. The initial reason I got…

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How Can I Become A Master Copywriter? (Part 1)

If you have followed any of my blogs for any length of time, you’ll know I’m extremely passionate about becoming the best copywriter on the planet. Whenever I have any amount of spare time I’m devouring anything and everything like a crazed beast that I can find on the topic of copywriting. You might be…

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