10 Steps to Exploding Your Revenues and Profits

1. Define Your Mission 2. Identify Your Ideal Prospect 3. Identify Your Best Introductory Product 4. Identify Your Best Introductory Offer 5. Identify Your Best Medium 6. Calculate Your Break Break-Even Response Rate 7. Craft Your Introductory Messaging 8. Set Up Promotion and Customer Tracking 9. Fine Tune Your Promotion 10. Take the Next Step…

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Glossary of Copywriting Terms

My Glossary of Copywriting Terms Here is my list of copywriting terms or copywriting terminology if you will. I’m sure you’ll know some of them, others you might have heard of but not sure what they mean, others might be completely new. It would be a good idea if you bookmark this page so you…

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How Can Horror Improve Your Marketing?

Well, perhaps not ‘horror’ in the grandest sense of the word… But how can the King of Horror improve your marketing and copywriting messages, so you can ramp up your conversions, your sales, and your profits? I think most people regard Stephen King as a very successful writer in the horror genre… But would you…

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What Copywriters Should Know About Adverbs

When I was driving home from a private lesson last night, I was bombarded by torrential rain! And when I say ‘torrential’, I’m not using that word for effect! Suddenly, from a humongous black cloud, came a blanket of rain, so fierce the road ahead disappeared in a flash! All I could see in front…

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10 Powerless Words That Could Kill Your Sales

SAVE UP TO 30% RIGHT NOW!!!! Here are two red flags instantly. You should know by now, using all caps is the equivalent to screaming at your prospects. Keep your punctuation to a minimum. Using four exclamation points won’t make your sale more enticing. 2. Cyberspace It’s not 1985. If you need to refer to…

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Review of ‘2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success’

I’ve read many books about direct marketing over the years. Rarely do you find a single book covering a broad area of direct response marketing like this book. ‘2,239 Tested Secrets for Direct Marketing Success’ is chocker block with tips for direct marketing students. These secrets have been collected from the most successful direct marketers in…

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7 Critical Writing Books You Must Invest In

If you wanna be an awesomely successful blogger, then in my opinion you need to be an awesome writer. Ok, not some English Literature aficionado. But you are certain of producing quality content if you put some effort in to learn your craft. If you produce regular content of a high standard, then your prospects…

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Eugene Schwartz’s Eight Secrets of Master Copywriting

If you have ever had the desire to become a master copywriter then Eugene Schwartz’s classic ‘Breakthrough Advertising’ must be on your essential reading lists.   Eugene Schwartz’s was a legendary copywriter in his own lifetime, and among us ‘trainee copywriters’ he’s a legend still now.   Sadly Eugene passed away in 1995 but his…

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Master Copywriter Shows You How To “DOUBLE Your Income”

Can you name a single sportsman (or woman), singer, actor, or anyone at the top of their game, who doesn’t have a coach? Of course not! Coz, ALL the best in any field understand the importance of having a coach… I think realizing this point created the biggest fundamental change in my business… I don’t…

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Learn To Write FASTER Copy AND Boost Your Income!

Whether you write copy for your own business or you’re a professional copywriter… …there’s one CRUCIAL skill you MUST have if you want to BOOST YOUR INCOME. And also grow your business as fast as possible: The ability to crank out high converting copy… as quickly as possible. The formula is easier than you might…

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