the dog eared book you must read

The Dog Eared Book You Must Read

I wonder to this day how my life would have been different if I didn’t find this dogged eared book in a second hand store one cold winters day, years ago. The day started off badly when I missed my flight for a much anticipated trip. Somehow I ended up in this run down charity…

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The King is Dead – Muhammad Ali Tribute

  The King is Dead! One of the greatest boxers that ever lived, and some say the greatest can help us learn a lot about the things we want in life. And in our businesses. He might have been a heavyweight champion of boxing, and you might be thinking that has nothing to do with…

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Trump VS Cruz – Whose Wife Is Hotter?

I’ll leave it for you to decide The buffoonery in the US republican national race is both crazy but oh so entertaining. I think we all know whose wife is hotter. At least I do. But regardless of beauty, the end results is going to come down to the candidate who can communicate best with…

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eric thomas, ET, live in london

Eric Thomas – The Hip Hop Preacher Live in London

I just found out that Eric Thomas, or ET The Hip Hop Preacher is going to be Live in London this coming September.   ET is an exceptional motivator much like my friend Les Brown, perhaps his junior trainee.   I always remember watching a video on Youtube 3 or 4 years back where ET…

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The Golden Rule of Copywriting

If there’s one gripe I have about internet marketers is they say they are NOT copywriters. I find that very hard to believe when practically everything we do as entrepreneurs is based around copywriting. Ok, I get it that they might not be in the league of Halbert, Kennedy or Garfinkel. But they should at…

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3 Step Customer Growth System for $1

Get your digital copy of the “3-Step Customer Growth System” for Just $1! If You Are A Business Owner or Entrepreneur looking to get more from you existing customers …Then Here’s a ONE-Time-Only Chance to Get a copy of the uncommon, yet powerful “3-Step Customer Growth System” for Just $1! Click HERE for your copy for…

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You Must Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment!

If you are a serious marketer, you will be always testing. Brian Moran at Samcart is the king of testing. Today I’d like to share with you some of the expert experience Brian has with testing, and to prove without a doubt, what IS costing you sales. You must have heard the term “shopping cart…

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woman and business plan

What Makes an Internet Marketer Successful?

I’ve had the privilege of being trained by some of the world’s top marketers in my time. Did they cost a pretty penny? Of course they did, quality doesn’t come cheap you know. But it’s like anything in life. If you do the right research, and find out who truly is the ‘dog’s bollocks’, and…

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Got What it Takes to Be a Renegade Millionaire?

A fantastic guest post from my friend and mentor, Dan Kennedy. All the best marketers of the modern day like Frank Kern and Ryan Deiss were trained, and are still trained by the ‘Guru of Gurus’. The Power of Mastery I am about to tell you how to add $25,000.00, $50,000.00, maybe $100,00.00 a year…

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Weird Niche Funnel Making $17,947 per day!

Have you got a bit of spare time to watch a short video? You’ll be mighty glad you did. I promise you that. Don’t miss this opportunity. Or you could regret it! As you should know by now, a simple website is not good enough any more. For sure, you can plod on with your…

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