Growing Convert Kit to $5,020 in Monthly Income

Here is Part One… If you could sum up an entire story in one image, it would be the monthly recurring revenue graph for ConvertKit. So if you want the short version of the last 2 years of his work, just look at this image: Now he’d like to share the behind the scenes stories…

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Convert Kit Web App Challenge – Part Two

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Web App Challenge – Getting From $0 to $5k / Month, in 6 mths… If you missed Part One Click HERE What language will the application be written in? It will probably be a Ruby on Rails application. Rails works well for the style of application he’s going…

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Starting The Web App Challenge – From $0 to $5k / Month, in 6 mths

Here is Part 1 of Convert Kit’s Web App Challenge As you should be aware, email marketing is still massive. And the sooner you master it, the sooner you’ll be rewarded with the kind of income you are aiming for. Let’s look at the Convert Kit’s Web App Challenge…   ConvertKit’s last two projects, both…

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