10 Steps to Exploding Your Revenues and Profits

1. Define Your Mission 2. Identify Your Ideal Prospect 3. Identify Your Best Introductory Product 4. Identify Your Best Introductory Offer 5. Identify Your Best Medium 6. Calculate Your Break Break-Even Response Rate 7. Craft Your Introductory Messaging 8. Set Up Promotion and Customer Tracking 9. Fine Tune Your Promotion 10. Take the Next Step…

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Glossary of Copywriting Terms

My Glossary of Copywriting Terms Here is my list of copywriting terms or copywriting terminology if you will. I’m sure you’ll know some of them, others you might have heard of but not sure what they mean, others might be completely new. It would be a good idea if you bookmark this page so you…

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Wanna Be A King of Marketing?

If you truly are serious about becoming a king of marketing, you MUST follow everything the great Dan Kennedy does. He is mountains above all the so-called ‘marketing goo-roos’ touting their ‘stuff’ to you every day. Dan Kennedy Copyblogger thinks so highly of Dan Kennedy, that they have a 5 Part Series on him, titled,…

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10 Powerless Words That Could Kill Your Sales

SAVE UP TO 30% RIGHT NOW!!!! Here are two red flags instantly. You should know by now, using all caps is the equivalent to screaming at your prospects. Keep your punctuation to a minimum. Using four exclamation points won’t make your sale more enticing. 2. Cyberspace It’s not 1985. If you need to refer to…

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Story Engineering and the Six Core Competencies

Oh, Andre Chaperon what have you done? After buying Andre’s course Autoresponder Madness he inadvertently introduced me to The Hero’s Two Journeys by Michael Hauge, which has led me to learning more about storytelling and screenwriting. As a consequence of this journey I recently bought Story Engineering by Larry Brooks and would like to share…

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